General conditions

1. Except with the written agreement between the parties, the current general conditions of sale 
may NOT be deviated from. The customer who places an order with us, unconditionally accepts 
the current general terms and conditions of sale, even though they are not expressly stated on 
the order or the order confirmation. The purchaser may not unilaterally amend these general 
conditions of sale. 
2. A quotation is valid for two months. Estimates can change by an unexpected change in the 
workload or the cost of raw materials.
3. Orders addressed to our sales department, are only binding for us after written confirmation. 
The contents of the order confirmation are the final contract. 
4. In the event of cancellation of an order after confirmation by one of the parties, without the 
prior written consent of the other party, is the cancelling party liable for damages at the rate of 
25% of the value of the order. However, if a larger damage can be demonstrated, this damage 
can be recovered completely.
5. Our goods are delivered and accepted at the departure from our buildings. They travel at the risk 
of the consignee, even if free at sent.
6. Delivery deadlines are only indicative without any commitment, unless otherwise agreed in 
writing. The failure to comply with the specified delivery date can in no case be called upon for 
the obtaining of damages or breach of the agreement.
7. Force Majeure and acts that are, wholly or partly, due to the customer, by third parties or our 
sub-contractors, suppliers, carriers or shippers, gives our company the right to terminate this 
agreement in whole or in part without any right to any compensation in respect of the customer.
The purchaser accepts that as force majeure applies: state of war, fire, accidents, total or partial 
strikes, political events that cause our manufacture, supply or dispatch to be interrupted, broken 
machinery, lock-out and in general all of the reasons that that hinder the normal course of our 
8. The buyer is responsible for the hidden defects, even if the manufacturer didn't know them, 
unless the buyer has obtained that in that case the manufacturer will not be liable to pay indemnity.
9. Under no circumstances can we be held liable for any other damage, such as allowances for loss 
of use, loss of profits and/or damage caused to persons or property, as well as in the case of 
goods without intermediate costs prepared, processed or resold.
10. The goods may not be returned without our prior written consent. Our agreement to take the 
goods back does not constitute recognition of our liability. The return costs are fully borne by 
the purchaser, unless otherwise agreed in writing. 
11. All of our invoices are payable cash before delivery, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Rebates 
are only valid if these have been agreed in writing. 
12. In the event of non-payment or partial payment of the invoice on the due date is immediately 
and automatically, without a prior notice required, a delay interest payable of 8% per year. In 
addition, in the case of a non-payment or partial payment of the invoice on the due date and 
without a formal notice being required, the amount invoiced shall be increased by 12% on the 
balance due, with a minimum of one hundred and twenty five (125) Euros. By the non-payment 
or partial payment of an invoice on the due date, any outstanding amounts on other invoices 
become payable immediately, regardless of previously authorised payment terms.
13. If the payment will be settled with an advance payment, the goods may never leave before the 
full amount of the advance payment is received in our account. In the case of non-payment or 
partial payment of the agreed advances the implementation of the contract may be suspended 
immediately, without us being obliged to send any notice for this purpose. If the customer after 
warning by registered notice remains in default to pay the claimed advance payments, we are 
entitled to cancel the contract immediately and without further notice with a compensation of 
30% on the total price to be charged to the customer. However, if a larger damage can be 
demonstrated, this damage can then be recovered fully.
14. The goods remain our property until the time of the full payment of their price.
15. The listed weights and/or dimensions are only approximate and not binding.
16. Any exception to the general conditions of sale can only be invoked if there is a written 
agreement between all parties on this exception. 
17. A translation of the present conditions of sale can be obtained on simple written request.
18. For all disputes only Belgian courts in the Judicial District of Kortrijk have jurisdiction, unless the 
seller elects to bring the dispute before the Court of another jurisdiction. Belgian law is