At Moderna Products we design and develop inventive solutions for pet accessories. A keyword at Moderna Products is "innovation" . We make it our mission to secure the wellbeing of your beloved pet by striving for constant innovation. In an ever-changing society, pet owners need new products that correspond with their evolving lifestyles.

Mission statement

Moderna Products aims to be a global leader in creating, producing and distributing well designed plastics for the pet industry. Our concepts and lean DNA offer our loyal customers smart self-selling products. We believe in the empowerment of our fellow employees, resulting in a proud and happy workforce.

Company history

Roots go back as far as 1932...

It all started with a buttonfactory in the backyard of the founders house, Mr. Gabriel Saelen, in Izegem. Today, anno 2017, the 100% family owned company is shipping innovative solutions for the pet industry to more than 65 countries. We made it our mission to secure the wellbeing of our customer's beloved pets by striving for constant innovation.

Welcome to share our passion:
Creating smart plastics for happy pets...

  • Today 100% family business. Manufacturer of innovative plastic products for pets. Worldwide distribution thanks to fantastic believers. Export to 65 countries
  • 2014 Celebrating the newborn Moderna Products America
  • 2012 Winner of the Belgian SME award
  • 2008 Launch of world premiere: Decorated Litter Boxes
  • 2007 Start of real estate expansion
  • 2005 Launch of two component polymer products: Smarty Bowl
  • 1996 First exhibition at Interzoo Nurnberg
  • 1990 Start of investment program of entire new machinery
  • 1980 2nd generation: Mr. en Mrs. Jos and Monique Saelen decide to focus on manufacturing plastic products
  • 1932 Mr. GabriĆ«l Saelen founded the button factory. "Moderna"

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Moderna Products,
proudly producing in Belgium and the USA

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