• Super Moderna Provide Karma @ SuperZoo

    Super Moderna Provide Karma @ SuperZoo

    We're super excited, as it's only 3 weeks to our first SuperZoo participation!

    No need to say that we're looking forward to immerse our visitors with the typical 'Moderna Products experience' - which means a booth full of happy people and innovative products

    Bringing a touch of luxury to our premium quality plastics... 'Luxurious Pets' is our answer to the daily needs of pets and their parents.

    Also starring: our traditional Moderna Charity Wall, in support of Karma Rescue.

    We are looking forward to welcoming you to our booth... see you soon!


    July 25 - 27
    Booth 3054
    SuperZoo | Las Vegas

    • June: the perfect time to get prepared for the upcoming travel season!

    June: the perfect time to get prepared for the upcoming travel season!

    Plans to travel? Take a look at our “Top Runner”, THE must-have carrier to transport your beloved pet! 

    The panoramic transparent lid allows optimum contact with the environment, minimizing travel anxiety. The opening from the top is facilitating the loading and unloading of your pet, while the extra opening latch maximizes the comforting contact.

    The well-studied ventilation holes also give your pet more comfort. Top Runner features an ergonomic handle and clipses for your convenience, and an optional belt can be purchased.

    Available in 2 sizes and 3 colors. Even more reason to look forward to #happypetsonthemove by Moderna Products

    Click here to get a closer look at the must-have carrier! 



    • We had a wonderful time at Zoomark, thanks to all of you!

    We had a wonderful time at Zoomark, thanks to all of you!

    Sparkling colors, new product launches, and happy people all around ... In short, all the ingredients that are typical for a Moderna booth were in place at Zoomark 2017. And we enjoyed every single minute of it! Next to the positive reactions we've received on our booth and products, one of the things that really touches us is the kind hart of our customers. Our 'Moderna Charity Wall' featured no less than 750 signatures! As a rule, this will be doubled by us, which means we will donate 1.500 euro to the good cause of DreamCATchers.

    Missed the opportunity to visit us? We will also be present at SuperZoo in Las Vegas from 25 to 27 July. Save the date! 

    • Launch of our new Moderna Magazine

    Launch of our new Moderna Magazine

    It's our pleasure to announce the launch of our second Moderna Magazine, edition 2017! In this issue we cover all aspects of our company, such as our mission, our values  and updates about our production facilities. You will also get to know our fantastic and driven Moderna team.

    On top of that, we will take you on a journey through the heart of our design philosophy, including our latest innovations and colors, a product overview and some fun articles on pet facts and figures.

    Visitors of Zoomark will receive their copy at the fair, but if you would like to receive yours by post, please let us know by sending a mail to sales@modernaproducts.be

    • Moderna on the road

    Moderna on the road

    With Zoomark Tradeshow just round the corner, preparations for this event are in full swing at Moderna, as we will be showcasing our latest innovations

    Our enthusiastic sales team is really looking forward to chatting with you about the recent evolutions at our company and introducing the new color range. Speaking of which, there is no chance of anyone not finding our booth this year!

    Last but not least, those of you who want to spread some love can participate in Moderna's new charity funding this year, by signing our charity wall in support of DreamCATchers

                                                                 YOU SIGN = WE DONATE!

    You can read all about this cat café with an innovative cat adoption concept on their website: www.wearedreamcatchers.be

    We are very excited to be at Zoomark 2017 and hope you will drop by our booth!

    • Will you join us?

    Will you join us?

    Want to stay in the know about the latest Moderna product innovations, launches, and get to know our team better? 
    Join us on Facebook, where you get a weekly update and some inside news on what we are up to.

    Click on this link, and let's get connected!  

    • Thank you Orlando ... Las Vegas, here we come!

    Thank you Orlando ... Las Vegas, here we come!

    Orlando Global Pet Expo was magic! With our production site in Gaffney being in full swing, we were very eager to present our latest innovations in Orlando ... and the enthusiasm was overwhelming!

    We would also like to thank the 756 participants who signed our Moderna Wall of Charity. As Moderna is doubling that amount, we're happy to give a donation of $1512.00 to Karma Rescue.

    Want to share our USA story? Save the date and meet us at SuperZoo in Las Vegas on 25-27 July!

    • Moderna Products is Capable!

    Moderna Products is Capable!

    Moderna Products is expanding at a fast pace: at this time we are serving smart plastics for happy pets to over 70 countries, and our USA production facility is running at full throttle.

    Want to see how things are set up in our South Carolina plant, how our products are made and what our company stands for?

    Watch our video and take a look behind the scenes!

    • Mega Smart: makes your multi cat household a happy one!

    Mega Smart: makes your multi cat household a happy one!

    What's the buzz about?

    Our Mega Smart litter box - the big brother of the popular Smart Cat - enjoys growing popularity.


    Because it provides THE solution that multiple cat households are looking for! The Mega Smart offers more convenience for both cats as cat parents. Cats easily step in and out through the front entrance and have enough room inside to keep them comfortable. Cat parents are happy with the integrated handles, the charcoal filter and the premium quality of the box in general, which guarantees a long lasting use.

    • Save the date: visit us at Global Pet Expo

    Save the date: visit us at Global Pet Expo

    At Moderna Products America, we are adding the final touch to the preparations of our booth for the Orlando Global Pet Expo.

    With our production site here in Gaffney being in full swing, we are proudly supporting “Made in the USA”. We are really looking forward to presenting all of our new products to you!

    For those who know Moderna Products from different pet shows around the globe: you probably have become familiar with “The Charity Wall of Moderna”. We kindly invite you to our Orlando booth to participate, so we can continue to share the happiness.

    #ModernaInnovation #ModernaTeamSpirit #ModernaThinkingAhead #ModernaCommunity #ModernaCharity

    Don’t miss it , be there !!!

    • Moderna Products: always on the move

    Moderna Products: always on the move

    Reaching out to our partners and customers to brainstorm on innovations, the evolutions in our industry and the needs of their local markets is one of the favorite parts of our job.

    Recently Caroline attended The Global Pets Forum in Poland, Chris could be spotted on our booth at the CIPS Tradeshow in Shanghai, while at this time Chantal and Bruce are attending the USA Pet Industry Leadership Conference in California. At Moderna Products, talking the talk really means walking the walk!

    • Sweet Valentine: Cats in Love!

    Sweet Valentine: Cats in Love!

    It's a magical time for the romantic souls amongst us: Valentine's Day

    But why should we limit the celebration of love to that special day only?
    At Moderna Products, we've dedicated a cute 'Cats in Love' theme to our furry friends to make sure their dinner is served flavored with lots of Love ... on each and every occasion!

    • It's the perfect time of year for an extra dose of colour & sparkle ...

    It's the perfect time of year for an extra dose of colour & sparkle ...

    Proudly presenting in a flash preview:

    The 'Moderna for trendy pets' 2017 new colour selection.
    "Hot Pink   Blue Berry   Lemon Yellow   Warm Gray"

    Naturally we did not pick these colours at random.
    This new collection is the result of serious analysis.
    We studied trendwatcher reports, visited tradeshows & followed futurists amongst many other things.
    This resulted in a shortlist which was narrowed down to 4 'IT' colours that are in perfect balance with a pet's perception
    More details to follow in the next Moderna magazine.
    Till then ... enjoy the sparkle! 

    • Let's make it happen!

    Let's make it happen!

    Thank you for being part of the “Moderna Community”.
    Hopefully you enjoyed 2016 as much as we did. Enjoy the holiday season and the entire team is looking forward to making 2017 even more spectacular... together, let’s make it happen!
    *** Happy Holidays & see you in 2017 ***